Video conferencing: a winner in global collaboration

Phone Conference versus Video ConferenceI am constantly surprised by the number of people preferring to interact via e-mails and phone calls over video conferencing, especially when communicating and collaborating with their global colleagues.

  • “When I work from home I’m in my pajamas and don’t want to wear make-up”
  • “I feel uncomfortable to ask someone who’s at home to turn on his/her camera. ”
  • “E-mails are better because everything can be documented.”

Rude tourists in Japan

gyokutei nihon2Last December, I brought an American friend of mine to a hot spring. We decided to go for a luxury experience and went to a high end ryokan, a Japanese-style inn.

Here, you get to enjoy amazing food and hot springs experience in a wonderful atmosphere: a tourist magnet. Dinners at a high end ryokan are a relaxed, luxurious affair, where several different courses are brought to your room one by one, giving you the opportunity to savor and appreciate each dish fully and in peace.