Who am I?
Global Talent Development and Communication Training Specialist
President and CEO of MANABI Limited, a global talent development firm, Masafumi Otsuka has been providing global leadership and communication training to customers ranging from large multinationals to Silicon Valley venture companies for more than fifteen years. Having led more than fifty projects involving people from over twenty countries, Mr. Otsuka specializes in training global team members to communicate and collaborate effectively.
Born in Japan in 1972, Mr. Otsuka spent his formative childhood years in Los Angeles, returning to Tokyo when he was twelve. He graduated from Keio University and was employed at Tokai Bank (currently Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.). After leaving Tokai, he returned to the U.S. to earn his MBA at the University of Virginia - Darden Graduate School. Working with international companies, managing global projects and having been educated in two dramatically different environments, Mr. Otsuka is acutely aware that effective communication requires much more than speaking a common language.
BA, Keio University (1995); MBA, University of Virginia (2002).
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What is this blog about?
This blog is about how I view globalization: how it’s changing the way we communicate, we collaborate, and we live.