Video conferencing: a winner in global collaboration

Phone Conference versus Video ConferenceI am constantly surprised by the number of people preferring to interact via e-mails and phone calls over video conferencing, especially when communicating and collaborating with their global colleagues.

  • “When I work from home I’m in my pajamas and don’t want to wear make-up”
  • “I feel uncomfortable to ask someone who’s at home to turn on his/her camera. ”
  • “E-mails are better because everything can be documented.”

How do I hire a virtual personal assistant (VPA)?

Well the process is very simple.
  1. You put a job posting on Upwork (this is the one I'm using)
  2. Screen applications (you'll usually get around 20-30 applicants within the first 36 hours)
  3. Interview promising applicants
  4. Hire the right one and assign first task
Very straightforward, right? Finding someone is very easy. But finding someone good is extremely difficult. If you find the wrong person, you'll end up redoing all his/her work losing valuable time AND money. It also comes with a huge frustration.